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Wild Animal Small World Sensory Play Kit 2
Wild Animal Small World Sensory Play Kit 2

Wild Animal Small World Sensory Play Kit 2

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Save time and money with our budget friendly small world sensory kits - we try to make our items even more affordable for families and teachers by offering these value for money and time saving kits. 

When purchased in our small world sensory kits in comparison to purchasing items separately at RRP you receive them at a further discounted price and they are a great time saver - by selecting our carefully curated kits made by a qualified teacher for play based learning there’s no need to scroll through and individually select items from our range as it’s all put together for you in our beautiful kit ready for play! 


Wild Animal Small World Sensory Kit Set 2

This pictured wild animal small world set contains:

6 realistic wild animal figurines

 1kg Small world terrain sensory base

500g Water Blend - 7 Colour rice blend

1 large grassy mountain / hill

5 flat rocks (colours and sizes will vary)

3 leaves

5 Natural pods

5 mini pine cones

3 oval wood slices

2 extra large wooden rings 

5 natural wooden balls

1 pc Bamboo tongs

  Please note that this listing is for the small world play kit only WITHOUT the wooden play tray or any other pictured items that are not listed. Those items (as well as any in this kit) can be purchased additionally in other product listings. Thank you. 


Why is sensory play important?

Research shows opportunities to engage in sensory play support children's learning and development in many ways. The following are some key benefits sensory play provides:

  • It's engaging and fun!
  • Children want to play, explore and investigate through their sensory play
  • Promoting cognitive growth and brain development - growing nerves in the brain and building stronger neural pathways.
  • Developing fine and gross motor skills
  • Supports children to engage in age appropriate mindfulness activities and to regulate - calming them when they become anxious or frustrated
  • Improved memory skills
  • Supports children to develop dispositions for learning such as curiosity, cooperation, confidence, creativity, commitment, enthusiasm, persistence, imagination and reflexivity.
  • Supports children to develop a range of skills and processes such as problem solving, inquiry, experimentation, hypothesizing, researching and investigating
  • Provides opportunities for children to transfer and adapt what they learned from one context to another
  • Promoting language development
  • Encouraging scientific thinking and problem solving
  • Opportunities for self discovery
  • Children are intrinsically inspired and motivated to play
  • Increases attention span
  • Sensory play is also very beneficial for children on the Autism Spectrum and sensory processing disorder 


  Please note: If wood slices are out of stock, we will exchange these with our hand made round wooden discs to prevent further delays with your order.


Warning: Choking hazard. This product is only suitable for children aged 3 years old and above. This product is not to be used with children under 3 years of age or children who put items/objects into their mouths as it contains small parts which can be a choking hazard.

Direct parental supervision is required during play and use of this product. All items should be checked each time prior to use and must be discarded immediately if you find any damage, splintering or other safety concerns. 

Disclaimer and Child Safety:

The Play Emporium does not take any responsibility or liability in any damages, injury, accident or illness that occurs from or during use of toys and products sold: The purchaser of all products agrees that it is the parent and/or guardian of the child's responsibility to ensure all products and toys are in safe to use condition and parents and/or guardians are to directly supervise children at all times and ensure the safety of children and all others using our products and toys.

If products and toys show any sign of damage or safety concerns they should be discarded immediately. Our toys and products should not be used for any other purpose or in any other way than what they are intended for. Only children aged 3 years and older and who do not put items in their mouth during play should be allowed to play with any products and toys sold by The Play Emporium.