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PLD Everyday Essentials Toy Storage Label Set

PLD Everyday Essentials Toy Storage Label Set

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Our lovely Pretty Little Designs range features these gorgeous quality labels! They are the perfect starting point for organising hone. If you’re not quite sure where to start then don’t worry because we have you covered!

This set includes labels for your play room or classroom and you can select your choice of font for your set too! 

26 Labels included in this toy label pack -

Puzzles, trains, cars, blocks, dolls, arts & craft, music, animals, wooden toys, board games, dress ups, drawing, balls, painting, playdough, toys, soft toys, play food, electronics, trucks, books, learning, dinosaurs, doll clothes, LEGO, misc, bulky toys and baby toys. 

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This product should be checked each time prior to use and must be discarded immediately if you find any damage or other safety concerns. 

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