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Custom Made Play Tray with Wooden Maths Counting & Number Set - Boards and Coloured Balls - Numeracy Resource
Custom Made Play Tray with Wooden Maths Counting & Number Set - Boards and Coloured Balls - Numeracy Resource

Custom Made Play Tray with Wooden Maths Counting & Number Set - Boards and Coloured Balls - Numeracy Resource

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Custom Made Play Tray with Wooden Maths Counting & Number Set with Boards and Coloured Balls

The Extra Large Play Trays made by The Play Emporium are a beautiful, quality hand crafted product. Each tray is made in our own workshop from locally sourced materials. The timber used is AA grade hardwood from here in Australia as well as Tasmanian oak for the surrounds. We make each one by hand with attention to detail - from the selection of the timber we use to precise measurements, cuts, assembly and hand sanding each one to a quality, premium finish. 

This beautiful set includes the counting boards and coloured balls as pictured as well as the custom made play tray which is hand made in our own workshop. This custom made play tray is designed specifically to fit this counting set. 

It’s a fantastic hands on resource for exploring early numeracy concepts with concrete materials. Support your child’s learning such as counting, pattern making, sorting and categorising, comparing, mathematical problem solving and more. 

This counting set is also available to purchase without custom made play tray with the counting boards and balls only in another product listing. 


Some learning focus ideas of how to use this beautiful set:

Learn to count the balls (or fill the holes with other materials such as pom Poms, rice, etc)

Learn to be able to represent numbers to 20. This means that your child can link the number of objects to the numeral.

Children group objects (balls or other materials you place in the holes) into sets and learn to count by ones to determine the size of each set. Younger children may be figuring out how to accurately determine the number of items while older children (school age) can work out sets (groups) of ten.

Learn to model subtraction by moving groups apart.

Use the balls to model multiplication and division by manipulating these as concrete materials to form equal groups as well as dividing amounts fairly.

Children learn to use mathematical language and link their mathematical ideas.

Children can learn to count backwards

Children can begin to start to solve simple everyday problems using number symbols. For example “if you had two red balls and two green balls there would be 4 balls all together which you could write 2+2=4.

Begin to use comparative language such as ‘greater than’, ‘less than’ to describe groups of objects (the balls). Young children will learn to understand the concept of less with numbers lower than ten (milestone for early primary school aged children 5-6 years old) For example ask them to  identify “which is less 8 or 2?”



To care for your play tray and ensure it lasts a long time we recommend you service your play tray with your choice of a child safe/food grade oil/finish as needed such as beeswax or coconut oil. This will help to maintain its surface and also to prevent your tray from drying out and getting damaged and cracking or splintering. We have not added this to trays so that you are able to decide on what you would like to use as personal preference for the lifetime of your play tray. If you would prefer we oil your product for you, we are happy to do so but please ensure you contact us and arrange this prior to purchase.

Please note our play trays are custom made and hand crafted from start to finish in our own work shop. Our play trays are made to order so please be prepared to wait approximately 2-5 business days from time of purchase for it to be made and be shipped.

This product is wooden and should be kept dry and not wet to protect and preserve the timber, it is not suitable for any type of wet products or water play which will damage the tray. 

Please Read:

As this is a product from wood please be aware that measurements are approximate and the product you receive will vary due to the look of the  wood. Our toys will have their own unique wood grains, wood knots, individual characteristics and sizes are approximate. Colours of balls will vary depending on stock availability and may not match those pictured as we stock different colours with variations in colour finishes.Your product will not look exactly the same as the picture shown. Refunds and returns will not be provided on the basis of the look of your product as all products will vary with the look of their natural wood and the way they are made due to the nature of the product being wooden. 

Warning: Choking hazard. This product is only suitable for children aged 3 years old and above. This product is not to be used with children under 3 years of age or children who put items/objects into their mouths as it contains small parts which can be a choking hazard.

Direct parental supervision is required during play and use of this product. This product should be checked each time prior to use and must be discarded immediately if you find any damage or other safety concerns.

Disclaimer and Child Safety:

The Play Emporium does not take any responsibility or liability in any damages, injury, accident or illness that occurs from or during use of toys and products sold: The purchaser of all products agrees that it is the parent and/or guardian of the child's responsibility to ensure all products and toys are in safe to use condition and parents and/or guardians are to directly supervise children at all times and ensure the safety of children and all others using our products and toys.

If products and toys show any sign of damage or safety concerns they should be discarded immediately. Our toys and products should not be used for any other purpose or in any other way than what they are intended for. Only children aged 3 years and older and who do not put items in their mouth during play should be allowed to play with any products and toys sold by The Play Emporium.